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Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Sister for sale, Only fifty cents
Sister for sale She's not a big expense
You can hug her You can bug her You could buy or rent
Sister for sale, Only fifty cents

Hey, would anybody like to buy A slightly used big sister?
Even if you have one now Trade her for another

She will always pick you up When you take a fall
And she's good at showing you How to put on make-up
She always buys these yummy food And shares it all the time
Hey, wait!
She sounds like a pretty nice gal...

My sister's not for sale Not for any price
My sister's not for sale i guess she will suffice
i like to hug her, i like to bug her She's really rather nice
My sister's not for sale Not for any price!

from mka song lyrics

good triumph over evil

yay!!! my uncle fixed my com... yay yay...
he killed the evil guy in my com... whahaaas...
tt was my victory laugh...
thank ya!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


hmm... see my wellingtons, i have one exactly like that
at home if you didnt know. but anyways, i totally wanted
to wear it out today, but arrgh, it only rained in my area,
so i didnt wear it out... sigh... when? when will i ever wear
it out? cos i totally love it!!!
the next pic will probably come only after a long while...
kinda busy in school.. but yea... keep coming back to see
it kays..


dye hair
guc's, *tada*... there multi-colored hair..hehee..
now your turn... your gonna have to drink a gallon of
milk... mwahahaaas!!!

Monday, 27 August 2007


i had no idea what i was thinking when i drew this...
but anyways since my com is infected with a deadly virus,
i figured i had better upload all my drawings before they disappear...


school's so stressful, but i dont know why... hmm... but
life's like tt... always look on the bright side of life...


now tell me what a genius i am... i unleshed a very evil virus
into my com... arrgh... can someone please kill it for me, i cannot
even reformat my com... you see what i mean? its evil, pure evil...

Sunday, 26 August 2007


i went for steamboat the other night as its kinda cold
at night now... guess what? there was a roach hiding
under the stove... eww... but i guess it feels cold too...


something tt most people cannot live without these days,
everywhere you go, someone is texting or calling someone.
but the thing is, i forget to bring it out a lot...


someone's seriously gotta stop me from drawing all these
and start doing my work...

Saturday, 25 August 2007


seriously... think... the EARTH is DYING...

tonnes of misses

tonnes of misses?
nope mae says its a truck full of it...

idea from mae mae


the longest wed couple is probably the one
standing on top of the frosted cake...
why you might ask?
For starters, they dont have to face one and other...
from Desperate housewives

Friday, 24 August 2007


when on the train... ever wanted to give your seat up,
but not sure if the lady's pregnant?
i get that a lot...


sigh... i was dying of boredom in skool...
but thanks to virtual land... and guc's...


Outta' time

Thursday, 23 August 2007


elephant and the MOUSE


marching we will go

i've been searching for a name for my blog...
and now after so many years... i've got one... hahaas

save the earth?

i mean... i'm not a plastic bag either...
so any takers?

when you become a TRAIN-er

This happens when you take the train too often...
you hear this like all the time...
Lady speaking: Please to not leave your belongings unattended...
if you see any suspicious article, please inform our staff
or call nine-nine-nine

man verses woman


How's skools you might ask... HMM...
does this answer your question?